What's the Purpose?

To heal and empower

Cannabis has healed and empowered humankind for thousands of years – we aim to carry on the legacy by creating unique and powerful strains, sharing with those in need, and empowering home growers along the way.

We are a network of Breeders and growers united by a passion for Cannabis and its healing effects and potential. Every seed sale supports home growers and breeders through our unique collaboration and production model, as well as puts free seeds in the hands of U.S Service veterans, so that they may grow their own medicine and receive the horticultural therapy it provides. Some of our strains have been bred for Vets, like our Warrior Kush – and everything bred in-house is directly donated as well through Seeds for Vets

We have a medical focus with most of our strains, but are open to all in legal states, check with your local laws if you are unsure. If you have any questions please shoot us a note, we’d love to go over how each of the strains may be of benefit to you.

Have a specific type of pain or ongoing ailment? We may have something just for that purpose.


Below is the @seedsforvets instagram, with some examples of what orders through this site help sponsor.

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