This is the new home of Seeds for Vets. While the initial intention was to become a Non-Profit, legal issues prevent this and the .org website doesn’t make sense any longer. SFV is a subsidiary of Purpose Genetics, so perhaps this makes more sense anyway.

I will be updating the information below as needed.

I can only support free sendouts for First Time Requests. First Time Requests can be made to with the info mentioned below, providing it all at once will help move the request along.  

If you would like a restock after a 1 year wait, I have created this new option HERE. I am hoping it will make restocks available while also keeping first time requests going out more regularly.

What do I need to receive seeds or vitamins/supplements from Seeds for Vets?

All Veterans are eligible for free seeds and vitamin assistance from Seeds for Vets, all that is required is proof of service. Proof of service can be provided in various forms, whatever works to verify. I do not need entire forms and understands the hesitancy to transmit sensitive information – I try and make it easy. A simple pic of an ID that says “Veteran”, part of paperwork with a name that matches, or a pic in uniform that matches a profile pic(or similar verification) will work.  Send your information to SEEDSFORVETS@GMAIL.COM  You’ll get a response to your email address asking for the verification and information to complete the request if not provided in initial contact. 

What else should I provide with verification?

Provide the other items of information requested in the contact all in the same message as your verification, it will greatly help keeps things moving and provide the fastest service.

What strains will you provide? Is there a list to choose from?

I am unable to maintain and provide lists, I do my best though to tailor the mix of strains to the needs of the Veteran as requested(Indica, Sativa, herbs and veggies etc). So if you’d need something more for night-time aid and insomnia, or general pain relief, or mood help etc, mention it and the mix will be more tailored to your needs. The majority of the cannabis seedbank is photo-period regular seed.

What is “Backlog”, why does front page say SFV is in Backlog?

Seeds for Vets only has so much for resources. Sometimes the seedbank or funding is low and requests have to be slowed to meet demand, or sometimes there are simply too many to fulfill before new requests become too overwhelming to keep track of. If you see the Backlog header please wait to send a request, it will only slow the process for you and others, thank you. Restocks are available now once a year HERE.

Are you a veteran run group?

No. I(Ian) am not a veteran. I am doing my best to give back now as I can, partly through this mission.

Is Seeds for Vets a Non-Profit Organization?

No, I have tried for some years now. Between restrictive federal laws and gaps in state laws there is currently not a path forward for non-profit funding. As such this is a personal expense for me so please be patient if things are in backlog as I catch up with seeds, funding, or both.

What’s the point of all this?

As the Vision Statement says: To help veterans grow their own medicine, and heal along the way. In order of importance though it may be: promote horticultural therapy in the garden, then the medicine and harvest. Most of the time cannabis is only seen as an end-game, the flowers and extracts, though there is far more to it than that. More often than not the growing process itself yields greater fruits for the gardener than the end result; Seeds for Vets is a strong advocate for the benefits of horticultural therapy, for veterans and for all. For some literature on the many benefits of gardening click HERE

Having a constructive daily activity and garden companion for months is worth far more than the cost of water and soil. Seeds for Vets would like to make this activity and journey as easy as possible for Veterans looking to grow their own medicine, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and companion plants, and uncover a green thumb(or receive a souvenir package of thanks if not in a legal state).

What is the rest of this site?

I sell in-house bred and retailed seedbank seeds(as noted on the bottom of the description), as well as lab tested hemp oil and salves, that help run my household, and Seeds for Vets and other endeavors. Thank you for your support.

BIG thanks to the following donors, in no particular order, they have greatly helped keep SFV going through the years. Show them some love and support.

Fire in the hole genetics has been an integral part of the care packages for a while and his great genetics are being grown by vets all over now. Check out his page, shoot him a thanks, and get some of his great stuff for yourself. 

Terp_Fi3nd Spicing up the mixes with some high terp and resin producing varietals, Terp_Fi3nd has been very generous with awesome breeder packs for our veterans to grow. Check him out and get some of his unique genetics for your bean cabinet.

Green Mountain Genetics provides great strains at great prices and has been very generous to the bank here at SFV, their genetics are being grown by vets all over! Head over to their site and Instagram and shoot them a thank you and grab some of their great seeds for your own garden.

Green Team Genetics has been very gracious, and it’s been awesome to be able to get some great New England genetics out there for veterans to enjoy. Raising seeds for the bank isn’t easy and the Green Team has always been wonderful and gracious with SFV and made it easy when we’re at the shows seed-raising. Show them some love and follow them on social media, better yet grab some of their great seeds yourself.

Rick Campanella and Brother’s Grimm Seeds Rick has been generous for SFV on more than one occasion, with some incredible genetics. Check out Brother’s Grimm seeds for some of the best seeds available for your garden – lot’s of time, attention and science goes into Rick’s breeding. Shoot him a thanks for donating to Seeds for Vets and grab some Brother’s Grimm  

Cannabeizein has been one of our most supportive donors, with several great donations that helped us get through backlog a few times. Check out their great work and get in touch.

Yin Yang Seeds has been super generous with great CBD options. Check them out! They carry a unique selection of CBD:THC hybrids among other offerings. 

Flower Bomb Farm has been awesome, very generous and supply some amazing strains. Check out their wide variety of offerings and grab some great beans for yourself. 

Boston Bob – @bostonbobma has been very generous with some great seed donations, check him out!

Papa G Genetics was very generous and dropped a bunch of fems on us right when we needed them, we don’t often get feminized donations so it was quite a treat for the vets. Head over and shoot him a thanks and check out what he has available.

Canna Queen Genetics reached out and hooked the SFV bank up with some amazing strains, the kinds that make your mouth water reading the names. Head over to her Instagram and send her a thank you for supporting our vets with quality genetics, and grab some for yourself.

Project Delta(instagram) stocked up the SFV seedbank with a crazy variety of seeds. Vets are enjoying all types of strains thanks to him. Shoot him a note and thank him for his service and support of other vets. 

Quality Stitching Embroidery donated some awesome hats and gear that greatly helped out and gave some people some awesome SFV gear. Head to their facebook or Instagram and shoot them a thanks, and check out all the great custom stuff they make. Need some hats, shirts, or hoodies embroidered by someone that knows what they’re doing and has the right gear? Send them a message for information on how to make the perfect item with your custom images and text.

Token Glass was very generous to SFV at an event, after overhearing my pitch to a seedbank for some seeds they offered some support. I didn’t get seeds from that seed vendor, but Token Glass sponsored a bunch of care packages for veterans – a great shop that gives back. Check them out and shoot them a thanks for supporting our veterans through Seeds for Vets, and grab some of their great merchandise.

Northboro Computers was very generous to SFV and helped sponsor a whole bunch of packages when we were in a real crunch. Head over to their page and shoot them a thanks for their support of veterans through Seeds for Vets, and use their wonderful service if you live in Massachusetts. Professional repairs and service, as well as sales, they can take care of everything when it comes to your computer.

Cannabis Growers Association Helped out when SFV really was in need of shipping and logistics funding, and helped us get more seeds out in a couple months than we ever thought possible. Check out their page and shoot them a thanks for their support, and if you live in Massachusetts check out what they offer to members.