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Mae Cannatonic CBD x Warrior Kush THC

Warrior’s Tonic F2 is a Swiss army knife of chemotype cultivars, yielding a chemotype variety of 1:2:1 – CBD:CBD, THC:CBD, THC:THC will all be represented in the flock in such a ratio( ~1/4 CBD, 1/2 THC, 1/4 THC).

Colorful and sticky, Warrior’s Tonic yields highly medicinal flowers that range from pineapple skunk, to pine citrus. Great daytime smoke, great for overall well being and for pain. She nugs up nicely without lots of trimming needed and finishes in around 9 weeks. F2 may throw some new variety along with the new chemotypes. Happy hunting.

Notes from F1 mothers: tests from two F1 phenos, harvested at week 8, yielded ratios of 1.4:1 – 2.2:1 CBD:THC. ratio should be closer to 1:1 harvested slightly later(~week 9).


Produced in Massachusetts by Purpose Genetics

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