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Want to Donate to Seeds for Vets? Here is an easy option to do so. Read below for info on a donation, or order add on. Add multiple amounts to cart to achieve desired donation.

VENMO, GOOGLE PAY, and CHECK are the ONLY options at the moment for single donations. DO NOT USE CC OPTION FOR THIS. Otherwise credit card processors will take a large chunk of your donation.


Simply choose how much you want to donate and add to Cart. On the shipping and Billing info page the only info you need to fill out is full name, email, and phone number – this is just for my records so I know who donated what(Thank You). For the shipping address fields you can either fill with a period or single letter to complete the fields. I don’t need your shipping address etc if just donating.

If you are giving a donation on its own, use the direct payment option at checkout, it is labeled  “Pay with Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, Paypal or other direct method).

PAYPAL IS NOT AN OPTION FOR DONATIONS. They force a fee and are anti-cannabis/hemp. Neither of us want them getting our money meant for veterans. Please only use Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, or check for Seeds for Vets donations, this assures all goes to vets and not payment processors. If using Venmo(a Paypal Company) please do not use the Goods/Services option, that will also charge a fee.

For ADD-ON to existing order:

If you are adding a donation on to an existing sale, do not worry about only using the direct payment option only. I understand this can become complicated, and I am proud to now have a credit card option available integrated into the site. If the donation is an add on I will use the amount donated less fees for sendouts and logistics.

If you have any questions as to how I use these funds, please get in touch with me, I intend to be as transparent and high-impact as possible.

And, Thanks!


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