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Dominion Skunk x MAC f2

This is the F2 of MACminion. Of the 62 run several mothers were chosen, two are on offer here(rest is being distributed through Seeds for Vets, others may be available soon). The #14 Mother was chosen for all her best attributes: Distinctive resin production, sturdy frame for yield, fast flower time(just over 8 weeks), and super dense fragrant buds. #36 Mother was chosen for her bursting Sweet Lime Terpene profile. Along with the mothers chosen for distribution to SFV I believe these were some of the best the line had to offer. They are both available in the dropdown above.

MACminion is a killer cross of two heavyweights, Dominion Seed company’s Dominion Skunk, and an f2 of Capulator’s MAC. Macminion produces vigorous and sturdy plants that yield large trichome laden colas and branch well into bushes without topping. Buds are super dense and require little trimming. Ranging from lime fruits to sweet cheesy fuels and musks, the funky terps make both dried flower and extractions a great option for this line.

She grows with a sturdy central stalk and branches well, either nurture for a large central cola or top and veg as you’d like for multiple tops. Make sure to veg well before going in to flower and you will be rewarded. Provide ample airflow during flower for the dense buds developing. Also make sure to supply phosphorous and potassium during flower for better terpene production.

Flower time ~8-10 week


Note on pictures: for the sake of being able to give a good representation of what a pack of MACminion F2 will give, I popped 6 seeds of #14 Mother F2. 2 were males, 4 were female. The pictures in the gallery are of all 4 of the females I got out of a random 6 pack pop. Pics taken at wk 7

Bred in Massachusetts by Purpose Genetics,

using Genetics by Dominion Seed Company and Capulator.

The quality of this cross rests on their work and shoulders.

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13 Seed Breeder Pack #14 Mother, 13 Seed Pack #36 Mother, 6 Seed Pack #14 Mother, 6 Seed Pack #36 Mother


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