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Dominion Skunk x MAC f2

Limited packs left – when they’re gone theyre gone!

Keep an eye out for release of “Double MAC n Cheese” A MAC backcross of this. 

MACminion is a killer cross of two heavyweights, Dominion Seed company’s Dominion Skunk, and an f2 of Capulator’s MAC. Macminion produces vigorous and sturdy plants that yield large trichome laden colas. Ranging from lime fruits to sweet fuels, the potent terps make both dried flower and extractions a great option for this line.

She grows with a sturdy central stalk, either nurture for a large central cola or top and veg as you’d like for multiple tops. Make sure to veg well before going in to flower and you will be rewarded. Also make sure to supply phosphorous and potassium during flower for better terpene production.

Flower time ~8-10 week

13 seed Breeder Packs only – Regular Seed

Bred in Massachusetts by Purpose Genetics,

using Genetics by Dominion Seed Company and Capulator

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13 seed breeder pack


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