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MACminion F1 #21 male(Dominion Skunk x MAC F2) x Mae’dens Grape Tonic [“C” Pheno] (Mae Cannatonic x Warrior Kush) bx Mae Cannatonic

CBD:THC F1 Hybrid ~1:1-2:1 ratio cannabinoids

Lembas was made to be the all around medical strain for your cabinet. Like many hybrid chemotype strains the effect can be quite satifying, which has inspired the name. Combining a sticky and fragrant high CBD mother(18%+ CBD) with a dense budding high THC father (20%+) results in this great ~1:1 cross with both CBD and THC benefits. Looking for a strain you would take on a long journey to keep you going? Lembas is your strain.

Funky fruity terps. Like musky cherries and tropical punch.

~8-9 weeks flowering time


Genetics used by Dominion Seeds, Capulator, Resin Seeds and Purpose Genetics.

Selection and breeding by Purpose Genetics.


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