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“Since its creation in 1999, Cindrella 99 has become more than just popular, it has reached cult status as the Holy Grail of indoor Marijuana.
Many attempts were made by other breeders to copycat the strain, but none ever hit the mark. Mr Soul decided in 2015 to retrieve his famous clone Princess and the cache of seeds he saved from Brothers Grimm in 2002. He grew the seeds to select a P94 generation male and then pollinated Princess exactly as he’d done in 1999 to create the original Cinderella 99 seeds.
The resulting plants have been extensively grown and tested and found to satisfy the pickiest grower’s expectations of stable, reliable phenotype. The seedlings have very little variation, have been bred for uniformity – they grow with similar sents, flowering time, potency, yield, and growth structure. And the finished buds will impress any weed connoisseur’s demands for bag appeal, flavor, and quality of high”
Cinderella 99 was created in 1999 through the cubing process MrSoul performed with his outstanding female Princess. The dried flowers are rich in terpenes, ranging from sweet tropical fruit to stinky rotten cheese which occasionally occurs all in the same bud. The flavors & aromas are sublime, and of course, the high is psychoactive yet clear.
TIME: 56-65 days. YIELD: Indoors/4-8 ounces; outdoors/16 ounces is common. GROW: C99 is fast flowering, needs plenty of light and nutrients like silica, extra calcium & magnesium. Multi-headed bushes with stakes but also work well as SOG or SCROG arrangement.
Regular Seed – 13 seeds per pack
From Brother’s Grimm Seedbank. Supplied in original packs


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