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CindaCake (few mother options) x CindaCake #9

CindaCake is an awesome cross of Dark Heart Nursery’s Wedding Cake, with Brother Grimm’s Cindarella 99. She yields dense old school skunky and pez fruity gassy buds, some more skunk, some more gassy gruit, low leaf, and a high yielder. She is excellent for indoor and Scrog. She benefits from a center stake and support as the buds will begin to weigh heavily as she swells.

After a few runs spotting the geno pool I chose a few for F2s and fems – a few offered unique enough traits I decided to branch them as options.

#3 “Chunk” – Chunk is the most indica leaning of the batch I hunted with all the great traits one wants, dense thick buds, the stacking, the vigor, stinky terps. It does not stretch as much as the others so may be better for Tent grows if you are not training and the like. Expect big fat buds and vigorous rooting. Excellent yields in pressing and extracts.

#4 “The Stank” – #4 Mother was one of the two larger and taller growing yielders. She has a slightly leafier bud structure, but stacked slightly better than #6 and has the STANK we all want. Beautiful Purple and pink buds with an old school skunky stink that’s hard to find.

#6 “The Bod” – #6 Mother is just about perfect cannabis by alot of morphological metrics. Incredibly low leaf, nice stretch to allow for light and airflow, incredible dense buds with great bag appeal. Snip snip, done.  She does require some staking or support for optimal growth and yield. The terps on #6 smelled like pez and diesel funk. Slightly less pungent terps, but better bag appeal. Excellent yields in pressing and extracts.

#9 “The Freak” S1 – After running 60+ CindaCake F1s I noticed two main phenos presenting, “The freak” was something different along the way. She has great dense bud structure, gassy hits early in flower, great stretch for air and light, but a chunkier stature and bud structure than the main herd. She just isn’t quite like the others and stood out in a lovely way through testing, busting terps and color all over. For the sake of variety I used her in the reversal rather than one of the two dominant genos I saw. Excellent yields in pressing and extracts.

Flower time ~9 weeks


Made in-house in Massachusetts by Purpose Genetics

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Weight 3 oz
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13 seeds, 6 seeds


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