Brothers Grimm Rosetta Stone XX (Fem)


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Rosetta Stone XX is the High Times top-rated “Top Ten for 2018“. We pollinated our Jack Herer 100% female with STS-induced C99 female pollen to create this 100% female version of the classic Rosetta Stone. The combination of C99’s heavy resin production pushes the classic Jack Herer to new levels of potency and adds additional aromatic terpenes to an already heady recipe. What’s more, you can harvest this hybrid in 9 weeks instead of the usual 12 week flowering time with the classic Jack. Expect sweet, musky, incense-scented plants with the jasmine and anise. It’s Jack Herer but more consistent, bigger yield, and faster flowering.
TIME: 59-70 days. YIELD: Indoors/8 ounces; outdoors/limited only by the grower’s style. GROW: Grow multi-headed or with a single dominant cola; stake the main colas; strong branches may or may not require staking; SOG and SCROG work well, too.
Females Only Seed – 9 seeds per pack
From Brother’s Grimm Seedbank. Supplied in original packs


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