Brothers Grimm Princess Haze Regular


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We pollinated Princess, the mother of C99, using a C99 x Super Silver Grail Haze male. The SSGH male is the result of our friend crossing his keeper C99, dubbed The Grail, to a very select Super Silver Haze male. Recombining these genes unlocked a real jewel; the male added potency, vigorous growth, and large, strong branches to the progeny. The resin production gives the flowers and bud leaves a furry white covering. Their delicious aromas range from tropical flowers to acrid, funky stinkers
TIME: 57-63 days. YIELD: Indoors/6-8 ounces; outdoors/easily doubled. GROW: We recommend a central stake with support for the branches.
Regular Seed – 13 seeds per pack
From Brother’s Grimm Seedbank. Supplied in original packs


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