Brothers Grimm Apollo XX (Fem)


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Using Silver Thiosulfate, we induced our favorite C99 female, with its legendary resin production and classic flavor, to be the pollen donor for our high-yielding, lime-citrus scented female clone named Genius, and the result is this 100% female version of Apollo Eleven. A fast-flowering hybrid with a high calyx/leaf ratio and extreme resin production. Trichomes densely cover the flowers and leaves. With very little variation in phenotypes, all are compact, bushy plants with dense, resinous bud sites -perfect for SCROG & SOG grows.
TIME: 55-63 days. YIELD: Indoors/4-8 ounces; outdoors/triple the indoor yield. GROW: We recommend growing in its natural dominant cola shape and using stakes or cages. Pinch the stalk or top the plants just below the main cola to encourage side branches for a multi-headed bush.
Females Only Seed – 9 seeds per pack
From Brother’s Grimm Seedbank. Supplied in original packs


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