Black Arrow Feminized

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MACminion #14 x (Missing Link x FL OG) reversed female


Black Arrow is a pairing of two cultivars I’d had around for a while, they both possessed the traits I like in a strain: dense resinous buds, unique deep terps, great spacing, branching, and easy trimming with a fairly fast flower time (8-9 weeks)

I had been searching for some time for something to pair with my awesome MACminion #14 and I realized it was right in front of me, a pheno of FL OG x Missing Link I’d run several times for in-house medicine and gifts. This decision also came with the knowledge my grow operation was moving soon and these cuts may be lost forever, now was the time to forge this strain.

Plant Info:

Black arrow is an easy grow without anything extra needed over other strains. She will branch very nicely around a center cola if one does not choose to top, making for several others smaller near cola sized tops, or she does bounce back and work well with topping or scrog. Everything else being equal growing a main center cola will yield great results.

About 3/4 of the phenotypes will be taller with a nice stretch, making for easy trimming and nicely spaced trichome laden dense nugs. The other 1/4 is lower bush and indica leaning, also sporting great stacking and dense big yields. She can color up beautifully given the right conditions, temp drops going in to and during flower can help bring these out. Shoot for low to mid 60’s now and then to bring this out. Terpenes range from sweet fruity gum flavors, to skunky funky glue/rubber with fruit overtones.


Flower time ~9 weeks


Female Seed

Produced in Massachusetts by Purpose Genetics

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