Stock and General Updates: 

7/16 – I have deactivated the Waave Payment portal for now, they have some new fees that I cannot afford. If you need to pay with a card please choose the Direct payment option and put “paypal invoice” in the notes. I am also trying to get away from Paypal as they are TERRIBLE, both to the hemp/cannabis industry as well as for fees. Please use Venmo/Zelle/Google Pay/Crypto if available as they are fee free and instant, thanks! I will be looking for a new credit/debit card processor going forward.

7/13 – Some stock is being added to the bank, you’ll see some quantities and strains back in stock. Since the beginning of Covid various seed suppliers have had lots of changing stock, unavailabilities, and BIG increases in price. I have started working with a couple new suppliers with some wonderful seeds, but you may see some strains go away over time, and new ones added.



International orders please get in touch HERE – I will be happy to assist you

Everyday discount on CBD/Hemp oils available now for Veterans. Simply choose the “Veteran Only” option in the dropdown menu.

Welcome to Purpose Genetics 

Purpose Genetics is an open source breeding project and seedbank – bringing together genetics from all over the world and creating unique and rewarding medicine. Choose from In-house creations or seedbank options. Purpose Genetics is a proud supporter of Seeds for Vets – with every purchase helping to provide Veterans with free seeds and grow support so that they may grow their own medicine and receive the horticultural therapy it provides along the way. 

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